Tune Custom Models

Tutorials to hyperparameter-tune any custom models or Python code.

Search Space and Decoratorcore.html

Using AutoGluon’s Core APIs to hyperparameter-tune any model/code by making existing objects/training-functions searchable.

Search Algorithmsalgorithm.html

How to use AutoGluon’s built-in hyperparameter search algorithms, including early-stopping strategies.

Searchable Objectsobject.html

Tune the hyperparameters of custom objects such as your own: neural network, optimizer, dataset, etc.

Tune Training Scriptsscript.html

Tune the argument values (hyperparameters) of arbitrary Python scripts using AutoGluon.

Example: Tune a Multi-Layer Perceptronmlp.html

Complete example of using AutoGluon’s state-of-the-art hyperparameter optimization to tune a basic MLP model.

Fair Bayesian Optimizationfairbo.html

Tune models under fairness constraints using AutoGluon’s constrained Bayesian optimization.