Image Classification

Quick Start Using FITimage_classification/beginner.html

5 min tutorial on classifying images.

Customized Search and HPOimage_classification/hpo.html

Hyperparameter tuning to improve image classification accuracy.

Use Your Own Datasetimage_classification/kaggle.html

Example use of AutoGluon for image classification competition on Kaggle.

Object Detection

Quick Start Using FITobject_detection/beginner.html

5 min tutorial on detecting objects in images.

Tabular Prediction

Quick Start Tutorialtabular_prediction/tabular-quickstart.html

5 min tutorial on fitting models with tabular datasets.

In-depth FIT Tutorialtabular_prediction/tabular-indepth.html

In-depth tutorial on boosting accuracy and controlling model fitting.

Kaggle Tutorialtabular_prediction/tabular-kaggle.html

Using AutoGluon for Kaggle competitions with tabular data.

Text Prediction

Quick Start Tutorialtext_prediction/beginner.html

10 min tutorial on fitting prediction models with text in the dataset.

Customize Search Space and HPOtext_prediction/customization.html

In-depth tutorial on learning how to customize the search space and try different HPO algorithms.

Dealing with Mixed Data Typestext_prediction/heterogeneous.html

Learning how to use AutoGluon to handle datasets with mixed data types.

Tuning Custom Models

Search Space and Decoratorcourse/core.html

AutoGluon’s Core API for search spaces and searchable objects used to tune any training function’s argument-values.

Search Algorithmscourse/algorithm.html

Use AutoGluon’s search algorithms to tune arbitrary models/training-scripts.

Distributed Search Tutorialcourse/distributed.html

Easily distribute AutoGluon tuning across multiple machines.

Tune a Multi-Layer Perceptroncourse/mlp.html

Complete example of how to use AutoGluon and its state-of-the-art schedulers and model-based searchers to tune a MLP.