Customize AutoGluon

Tutorials for customizing AutoGluon using advanced APIs.

Search Space and Decoratorcore.html

Using the AutoGluon Core API for customized search spaces, searchable objects, and training functions, in order to hyperparameter-tune any model.

Search Algorithmsalgorithm.html

Learn how to use AutoGluon’s built-in hyperparameter search algorithms, including early-stopping strategies.

Searchable Customized Objectsobject.html

Hyperparameter search in customized objects such as your own: neural network, optimizer, dataset, etc.

Bring Your Own Training Scriptsscript.html

Tune the hyperparameters of arbitrary Python scripts using AutoGluon.

Distributed Search Tutorialdistributed.html

Easily distribute the hyperparameter search arcross multiple machines to improve efficiency.

Tune a Multi-Layer Perceptronmlp.html

Complete example of how to use AutoGluon and its state-of-the-art schedulers and model-based searchers to tune a MLP.